Armored Things adds Mike Downing, President of Prevent Advisors, to Board of Directors

Armored Things is delighted to announce that Mike Downing, President of Prevent Advisors, an industry leader in securing sporting and entertainment venues and large-scale public events, has joined its Board of Directors.

As President of Prevent Advisors, Downing recognizes and appreciates the importance of immediate emergency response as part of any security scheme at sports and entertainment facilities. With Downing’s service on the Board, Armored Things hopes to bring insights from
working with thought-leading universities into the sports and entertainment venue space, in order to build a platform for tech-enabled emergency response in large venues.

With over 35 years of experience in Counter-Terrorism, Intelligence, Community Policing and COIN, Downing currently serves as Chief Security Officer of Oak View Group and President of Prevent Advisors. Armored Things is thrilled to bring Downing’s expertise to its Board to
implement its solution at sports and entertainment venues. Regarding his appointment to the Board, Downing states: “It’s more important than ever for entertainment venues to prioritize innovation in their security and emergency response operations as part of the continuing effort to meet the dynamic and rapidly emerging threats of the future. I look forward to working with Armored Things to assist the company effectively deploy its solution for sports and entertainment facilities as part of driving that innovation.” Armored Things CEO, Charles
Curran, is thrilled to have Downing’s assistance in “building our relationships in the sports and live entertainment world, and assisting these facilities, which are critical pieces of our social infrastructure, improve their physical and cyber security.”

Kristin Butler