Notable Individuals Join Armored Things Board of Advisors

Armored Things is delighted to announce Advisory Board Committee Member additions with expertise in both physical and cyber security in a range of environments. We are grateful for the influential individuals that devote time to Armored Things as an Advisory Board Committee Member and look forward to the guidance and substantial achievements they will assist in creating for the company in the near and far future.

Bruce Schneier, CTO of IBM Resilient, is an internationally renowned security technologist. Being an author of over 13 books regarding data and security, Bruce is an individual full of crucial informational guidance that Armored Things will benefit from. Bruce believes that “IoT needs new thinking,” and that Armored Things is paving the way for innovation. Armored Things welcomes Bruce to the Board of Advisors.

Dan Geer, a well-known security researcher, has testified before Congress on numerous occasions. He has consulted with countless startups and investors which will undoubtedly improve Armored Things' business execution methods. Dan believes “all technology is dual-use” and that Armored Things aims to “harness the strength” of rising IoT to be of net advantage. Armored Things welcomes Dan to the Board of Advisors.

Lisa Wiswell is the Principal at GRIMM (SMFS, Inc.) and was the Digital Security Lead and Principal Cyber Advisor for the US Secretary of Defense. Lisa’s experience with Cyber Technology as a Portfolio Manager for Tipstone Group and Program Control Analyst for ManTech will assist her in providing insight for Armored Things in the future. Lisa believes IoT is what “citizens rely on everyday to go about their lives” and isn’t only important for “businesses of the Government” to function. Armored Things welcomes Lisa to the Board of Advisors.

Marc Austin, Head of Mobile Enterprise Products at Cisco, is a product management leader at Jasper which Cisco purchased to form the new IoT Cloud Business Unit. Mark believes the meaningful application for IoT is to “detect safety threats, automate security protocols, guide people to safety, and direct first responders to eliminate threats” to secure venues and cities. Armored Things welcomes Marc to the Board of Advisors.