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LiveWorx '18 Everything You Need to Know About IoT Safety, Security, and Blockchain: Myths, Tips, and Trends To Consider

Chris Lord, CTO of Armored Things will be attending the LiveWorx Technology Conference and participating in the IoT Safety and Security panel on June 18th from 12:30pm-1:30pm. 

Join this expert-led panel and learn everything you can about IoT Safety and Security, and Blockchain in 45-minutes! Concerned about cybersecurity for your IoT project? You should be… This session will cover what you need for your IoT security architecture including practical ways to secure a device and figure out what you will need to use and apply security throughout the application stack. There are different ways and different product options to think about in IoT deployments. This session tries to categorize, prioritize, and generally make sense of what's out there right now when it comes to securing IoT. The aim is to make sure you don't miss important areas of vulnerabilities, think strategically about tradeoffs you'll have to make, and provide the best possible protections.