Who We Are

Our mission is to keep people safe in large shared spaces like schools, stadiums, and streets.  We do that with a predictive cyber-physical incident response platform that provides security operations with early warnings of risks, better information to assess threats, and faster responses through automation using IoT, network and mobile devices.


"As part of our small agile team, you'll work on things that are new, difficult, meaningful, and a bit crazy. You’ll have an outsized impact on our business and on our customers."

Who You Are

Do you love decentralized approaches to design and machine learning?  We do. Want to create privacy-preserving solutions to large-scale data-rich problems?  We do. Think functional programming is essential? We do. Want to work on reactive and actor-based systems, and with technology like Akka and Lagom, Kafka, Cassandra and React?  We do. Want to be part of a mission-focused early-stage team breaking new ground? Join us.


We have opportunities across several engineering areas:

Mobile - Help us develop safety, intelligence and notification apps on iOS and Android.  You should have experience with app development ecosystems, frameworks like React Native and languages likes Swift, Kotlin and Scala.

DevOps - Help us build, automate and manage our hybrid production SaaS system, and development and services infrastructure.  You should be familiar with common cloud technology stacks on AWS and Azure, and tools like Ansible and Kubernetes.

Platform - Help lead our integrations with external partners and grow our developer and open source communities.  You should have experience in API design, messaging frameworks and distributed databases, and proficiency in several languages like Python, Java and JavaScript.

Why Us

As part of our small agilish team, you'll work on things that are new, difficult, meaningful, and a bit crazy. You’ll have an outsized impact on our business and on our customers.  Sure, you'll research, discuss, learn, share, design, code, deploy, and support what we do… but your contribution will be as much in the gaps as in the things we know we must do.

We want you to figure out the right thing to do, and then empower you to do the right thing; all in a fast paced, loosely structured, high-responsibility/high-reward and supportive environment.

Where We Are

Our team is centrally located in Boston's Liberty Square near all T and commuter rail lines as well as everything the heart of Boston has to offer: fun, culture, arts, food, the waterfront and greenway.  We work together in an open space, but with plenty of break-out and quiet areas to fit our needs and moods.


If you are a local candidate, please mail Chris Lord, CTO of Armored Things, at chris@armoredthings.com to start the conversation. Even if you are not currently looking or don’t think you fit our roles, we’d still like to connect for when things might change.




(Thanks to Andrew Gorelik, CTO of LevelTrigger: it was his hiring page that inspired us.  And please, no recruiters, agencies or development shops.)